Activitatea lui Iuliu Traian Mera la „România Jună” din Viena

Activitatea lui Iuliu Traian Merala „România Jună” din Viena




The present study aims the activity of Iuliu Traian Mera to Social Literature Academic Society „România Jună” from Vien, while he has a student at Medicin Faculty at Vien University. He has taken part to all this society activities as a member, as a vice president, as a secretary and as a president. He supported the two almanacs published by the company, in the first almanacs (1883) was published Luceafărul writen by Eminescu. He has the editor of humorous sheets Urzica, the sheet was edited by the romanian students from Vien. As the majority members of society România Jună, was adept of „New Direction”, and of the phonetism rulling against etimologism.

Keywords: cultural societies, junimism.


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