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In relation to the space and the time, „dimensionsone can also understand better (and closer to reality)  another phenomenon – the disapperance of villages in Banat, an important part of the complex problem of habitat. The actual disappearance of some villages must also be considered in connection with the space and time factors. More numerous are the villages which dissapeared from the plain areas and those more immediately situated in „the way of wickedness” (invasions, expeditions, fights). Less numerous are those more protected from dangers in the areas af high relief from Banat. The noumber of zoung small settlements that disappeared is larger, that of the big, solidly established ones, smaller. The logical judgement is convincigly backed up by  documentary information.

The geographical history of Banat is still little known. The monopgraphies for most of the villages from Banat are missing and the discovering of the demographic, ethnic and confessional structures from Banat, in the mid ages, is only at the begining. The purpose of the work at hand is to sketch a general view in regard to the vanished medieval settlements from the Fields of banat and throughout the Banat of Lugoj and Caransebes, on the basis of the data we have so far. We’ve set out to achieve a brief presentation of the vanished settlements from Banat, classified strictly in an alphabetical order.

In the actual stage of research, there are approximately 50 (fifty) villages from the medieval banat, which have been deserted or disappeared throughout time, due to the political crisis periods, the state of war or the frequent turkish raids. A lot of them, known only through documents, cannot even be found or precisely identified on the field, withouth some archeological excavations which would reveal the precincts of the villages, homes, fortifications or graveyards. In other cases, the localization is doubtful, controversy persisting among experts in this field. Neither the ethnic nor confessional structure of the people from those settlements cannot be accurately specified. New research will be able to shed more light upon these controversed aspects from the history of the medieval Banat.

Key Words: village, Banat, demography, population

Cuvinte cheie: aşezare, Banat, demografie, populaţie

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