(Post)Feţele exilului – Mihai CIMPOI (R. Moldova)


Uniunea Scriitorilor, Republica Moldova


In the case of Romanian exile, which is both external and internal (the one in Bessarabia or Northern Bucovina, for instance), there is a double ontological marking of the estrangement and a double inferiority complex. The exiled lives in isolation from the Cultural Centre to which he belongs and in disconnection with the universal cultural context. Thus, his intellectual, moral and psychological solitarism oscillates between nationalism and cultural universalism. It is a double ‘de-countrying’, determined by the a detachment from one’s native environment, as well as from the general (European, global), more abstract one which, perhaps, he knows better and which he enters more naturally and more directly by means of his native environment, through his organic stylistic matrix.

Key words: exile, isolation, cultural identity, Romanians, great personalities, destiny

Cuvinte cheie: exil, izolare, identitate culturală, români, mari personalităţi, destin

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