Cîntece-formule din Coştei şi din satele din jur

Cîntece-formule din Coştei şi din satele din jur
Song forms from Kustilj and neighbouring villages

Universitatea Naţională de Muzică Bucureşti
Universitatea din Novisad, Serbia

Song-forms constitute one of the four sub-categories of folklore within the classification of children’s folklore The song-forms reflect children’s responses in relation to nature. They are dedicated to animals that children find interesting and dear. In the distant past, they were performed at fixed hours and days, on certain places and there was a number of their repetition, but over the past centuries, they lost the initial position and became the motive for play and recreational activities for children. In the examples collected for this paper, what can be observed and singled out are a few basic melodic and rhythmic motifs that also occur in children’s songs around the world, the connection between children’s rhythm with the text, simplicity and the syllable of melody as well as the fact that the tone of these songs often relates to archaic diatonic infra-pentatonic series. In addition to educational and entertainment features, these songs reveal a mentality, way of thinking, creativity and spiritual development of a generation that will grow up at the beginning of the 21st century.

Key words: song forms, children’s folklore, song, children’s rhythm, children
Cuvinte cheie: cîntece-formule, folclorul copiilor, cîntece, ritmul copiilor, copii

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