Dialogue with Mr. Gauri Shankar GUPTA

with Mr. Gauri Shankar GUPTA

– The Internet is currently the fastest source of information, but written/printed books continue to offer the soundest training in intellectual formation.
– How could we convince the young generation to correctly use the two essential sources in the quality of training?
– Internet has indeed brought about revolutionary changes in access to information. Today while sitting in our offices or homes we can instantly access the whole world breaking all physical borders which was unthinkable even two decades ago. Therefore this is indeed an extremely useful tool at our disposal. However this tool is not quite suitable for in-depth study, intellectual pursuit and proper understanding of issues. Since the information available on internet is scattered and superficial in nature, it cannot replace books, papers and journals published after thorough research, investigation and profound analysis. While internet can be used to gather information on sources; for profound knowledge, in-depth study and intellectual pursuit books are indispensable.

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