Ion Bălan, scriitor postbelic voivodinean

Ion Bălan, scriitor postbelic voivodinean
Ion Bălan, Postwar Vojvodina Writer

Virginia POPOVIĆ
Departamentul de Românistică
Facultatea de Filosofie, Novi Sad, Serbia

Romanian literature from Voivodina, conceived more than half century ago is a relatively young literature, but through these years from first written texts on this teritories until the following days it marked true artistic development, esteticaly and towards searching national identity. Starting with 5th decade of the last century in Yugoslav literature writers more and more use ideas of traditonalism and realism in their works. Such Romanian poetry of traditionalism writes one of the most famous writer of the last century in Voivodina, Ion Balan. Entered on line of traditionalism and autochthonism, poetry and prose 50’s tried to cover the interwar literary gap and open the door again to Romanian literary word. Now we face a crossroads between the Serbian and Romanian literature. Romanian Poetry of Vojvodina uses first classical methods, traditional and a modern poetic language.

Key-words: prose, poetry, post-war literature in Voivodina, traditionalism
Cuvinte cheie: proză, poezie, literatura postbelică în Voivodina, tradiţionalism

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