Musical languages of the 2th century in globalization

Musical languages of the 2th century in globalization

Limbaje muzicale ale secolului XX în contextul globalizării

Veronica Laura DEMENESCU

University of West from Timişoara – Faculty of Music

Piaţa Libertăţii nr. 1




The 20th century brought new orientations in art, met in all its forms of manifestation. All great creators have invented languages that square with their own conceptions, and thus being molded new modalities of expressing, which would materialize in the creation of that period by innovatory musical elements, organized in three large directions as follows: atonalism, neomodalism, and neotonalism.

Key words: art, musical languages, national schools of composition

Cuvinte cheie: artă, limbaj muzical, şcoala naţională de compoziţie

“The idea of using the popular Melos

in cult creation represents

a very complex issue (…)

the idea of using popular structures

in creation must shape more styled,

sublimate forms, for the respective paper,

touched by the autochthonous spirit,

be able to express the great musical ideals

in a generalized, synthesized manner.”

Dan Buciu


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