Negocierea diplomatică – factor cheie al relaţiilor internaţionale

Negocierea diplomatică – factor cheie al relaţiilor internaţionale

Diplomatic Negotiation – A Key Factor of International Relations



AIESEE  – Asociaţia Internaţională de Studii Sud-Est Europene, Bucucreşti




The development of international relations has conjured the states to appeal, for the treatment of the foreign policy issues, at the diplomatic negotiation regarding the contacts and the bilateral negotiations, and, also, to a broader framework represented by the  multilateral diplomacy.

In its general meaning, diplomatic negotiation is a key factor in international relations, representing the way of maintaining peaceful relations, cooperation and understanding among all states, while respecting individual personality in order to reach a consensus.

On resolving disputes, diplomacy is required, by negotiation, to help identify ways in which to restore confidence among states, turning off some contingent disputes and removing or alleviating the causes that led it.

Diplomatic negotiation represents nevertheless a tool, a technique in the service performed by certain organs of state specifically designed for this purpose.


Key words: Negotiation, diplomacy, immunity, tactics, state, diplomatic relationship

Cuvinte cheie: Negociere, diplomaţie, imunitate, tactică, stat, relaţie diplomatică, relaţii internaţionale

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