Tudor Arghezi, un rǎzvrǎtit în tagma monahalǎ

Tudor Arghezi, un rǎzvrǎtit în tagma monahalǎ

Tudor Arghezi, a rebel in the monastic caste


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Ion Theodorescu (known as the writer Tudor Arghezi) entered the monastic caste in 1900, at the age of 20. Cernica Monastery, the place where he was accepted, was near Bucharest. He was the favourite of Bishop Iosif Gheorghian, head of the Romanian Orthodox Church, who baptized him as a monk and gave him the name Iosif. The monk Iosif Theodorescu was transferred as a Deacon from Cernica Monastery to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Bucharest, by the Bishop Iosif Gheorghian, who wanted him to be his personal assistant. But Iosif Theodorescu broke with the Church convention and defied the dogmata by writing poetry and publishing articles in newspapers. Moreover, he had two love affairs, one with Constanţa Zissu (who gave birth to his first child, Eliazar, in 1905 while he was still a monk) and the other with Aretia Panaitescu. He didn’ t led a monastic lifestyle neither as a monk nor as a Deacon. Tudor Arghezi was a rebel among the clergymen.

Key words: Tudor Arghezi, monk, Deacon, monastery, rebel

Cuvinte cheie: Tudor Arghezi, cǎlugǎr, Diacon, mǎnǎstire, rǎzvrǎtit