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Estrelle had a happy childhood. She had learned to walk when she was eight months old and spoke very well at the age of one year. Her mother had a very important role in her evolution. Merida (her mother’s name) had won her trust. She was able to enjoy all of the pranks her daughter would set up during the day. But, by enjoying herself, she had learned to form beautiful sentences, increased her vocabulary, manipulated everyone as well as all the machines in doctor Megalith’s home. The children of the planet Matryx were ten times more precocious and more intelligent then others. Estrella, for example, had such an intensity in her eyes that she could read the other person’s mind. Was she like a future witch? Who knows? In any case, she had a wonderful energy that tied her extremely to her folks. She had the chance to have remarkably noble parents.

Estrelle ate many algae, as all the children her age. These algae contained all the mineral elements the body needed, like iodine, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. They also contained proteins, glucides and the vitamins A, E and B12. Actually, since the elimination of pollution, the inhabitants of the planet Matryx preferred the products of the sea up to 80%.

“Now, you shall learn how to swim”, her mother told her. “We are surrounded by water”, she added.

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