Ideea europeană ca idee românească

Ideea europeană ca idee românească

The european idea as a romanian idea

Mihai Cimpoi

Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat „Ion Creangă”, Chişinău, Rep. Moldova



Eurocentrism emerged the moment when the Greek-Roman civilization stood against the “Barbarians”, and it became the doctrinal axis of Medieval Catholicism, which saw in Rome the spiritual center of the world, with Hegel’s philosophy and Michelet’s views.

There is a (pure or syntactical) shaping of Europe, thought or dreamed of by poets, philosophers, and politicians: Goethe proposed a cultural unity, and Napoleon (as Nietzsche remarked in The Will to Power) would have liked to impose a political unity; Stephen the Great envisaged a Christian unity, Eminescu embraced a Spiritual League of Europe, which would harmonize special, i.e. national interest to the general-continental ones.

Key words: Europe, philosophy, unity of cultural diversity.

Cuvinte cheie: Europa, filosofie, unitate a diversităţii culturale.

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