Şcolile româneşti din Ungaria între anii 1867-1918

Şcolile româneşti din Ungaria între anii 1867-1918

The romanian schools from south-eastern hungary during 1867-1918



Stelean-Ioan BOIA

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş”din Arad

Facultatea de Ştiinţe Umaniste, Polotice şi Administrative




Our scientific approach tackles a discussed and disputed aspect in Romanian and Hungarian historiography-the establishment,the evolution and the particularities of the education in the schools attended by Romanians in Hungary during 1867-1918.Clarifying the main aspects of the development of education in the areas inhabited by Romanians in Hungary represented and still represents one the historical and therefore historiographical problems of utmost importance for both the Romanian and Hungarian historians.The present study aims to elucidate some controversies about the different points of view of the specialists in this field,being based on the information provided by the documents from that period that were found in the internal local archives(Arad,Oradea)and the archives from Hungary,as well as on the specialized literature published until now.Our argumentation was developed by putting the hustorical information in a modern pattern of interpretation that favors conceptual approach of history.Despite the fact that in the period 1867-1918 the Austro-Hungarian policy aimed at the Magyarization of the region in discussion and all the political measures taken were meant to keep the Austro-Hungarian administrative domination,Transylvania,and especially Banat did not loose their capacities to dialogue,both in the inside,and in the outside.


Key words: school, education, assimilation, legislation, dialogue, culture

Cuvinte cheie: şcoală, educaţie, asimilare, legislaţie, dialog, cultură

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