Dificultăţi în învăţarea corectă a limbilor în spaţii multiculturale

Dificultăţi în învăţarea corectă a limbilor în spaţii multiculturale

Difficulties in the Correct Learning of Languages in Multicultural Areas


Maria Gavra

Universitatea din Szeged, Ungaria



It became imperiously necessary to be aware of the  more and more pronounced linguistic diversity as a result of the extension of the European Union and its policy of recognizing 23 official languages within its frame. The objectives from Barcelona which stipulate that all students should learn two foreign languages apart from the mother tongue, will lead to the disappearing of numerous language barriers which still exist.

The theories on learning foreign languages are very diversified and there isn’t a generally accepted methodology. The trend is to deminish the explicit aspect based on grammar and shape and develop the implicit learning oriented towards speech and meaning.

As a lecturer at the Romanian Literature and Language Department of the Institute of Minorities within The University if Szeged, I will present specific aspects of education at both pre- academic and academic level, within a multicultural space, situated around the Romanian and Hungarian frontier.

In a few Romanian comprehensive schools situated in the east of Hungary,  part of the curriculum is  not studied in their mother tongue, therefore most of the school subjects are taught and learnt in the official language of the state, namely Hungarian.

Thus, the native language is not assimilated in its literary form but as a dialect. This aspect implies a complex discussion on designing the text books  – vision, content, difficulty level. Moreover, we must add learning a  wide spread foreign language which is usually English.

Within our university, Romanian can be studied as major or minor specialty. The methodological difficulties which I intend to present emerge due to the diversity of students. We can classify them into the following groups: Romanians from Hungary ( speakers of a dialect), Hungarians from Transilvania (speakers of inaccurate Romanian) and Hungarians from Hungary who start learning Romanian.

Key words: Language, multilingualism, linguistic transfer, Romanian, Hungarian

Cuvinte cheie: Limbaj, multilingvism, transfer lingvistic, limba română, limba maghiară.

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