Modernitatea liricii lui Vasko Popa

Modernitatea liricii lui Vasko Popa

The Modernity of Vasko Popa’s Poetry


Virginia POPOVIĆ

Universitatea din Novi Sad, Serbia


In the mid-twentieth century, the Romanians of Voivodina have assumed their destiny, its own historical development, cultural and literary. A literature is developing on its own account, which has consistently tended to synchronize with the general phenomenon in Romania, but also the height of what is happening in Serbian literature. Immediately after the war, the culture is characterized by an unprecedented spiritual ferment, creating the first literary and cultural movement, and the foundations of education and culture. Serbian poet Vasko Popa prestigious has contributed strongly to lead through personal engagement in the process of print magazines and books in the Romanian language in Voivodina.


Keywords: Romanian literature in Voivodina, the Serbian modern poetry, Vasko Popa

Cuvinte cheie: literatura română din Voivodina, poezia modernă sârbă, Vasko Popa

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