Myth and Philosophy in ancient Greek

Myth and Philosophy in ancient Greek

Despre mit şi filosofie în Grecia antică


Universitatea “Danubius”, Galaţi,

Facultatea de Relaţii Internaţionale şi Studii Europene


Into mythological horizon, universe is thinking in relation to the primordial deities. Doesn’t exist a specialized concept, or a term for thinking the universe. What is important is the sacrifice originating mytholigical horizon, the first primordial deities. These gods must “die” at the birth of the universe; and this is the primordial sacrifice. Theme of the original sacrifice will survive until today. Into the philosophical horizon the Universe is thought through the concept. The first concept is the original concept of  the anaximandrian infinity which is called apeiron.

Key Words: myth, philosophy, concept, primordial deities, the original sacrifice

Cuvinte cheie: mit, filosofie, concept, zeităţi primordiale, sacrificiu original


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