Problema identităţii şi intelectualii evrei ai interbelicului românesc

Problema identităţii şi intelectualii evrei ai interbelicului românesc

The problem of the identity and the Jewish intellectuals from Romania between the two World Wars


Speranţa Milncovici

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad



Analyzing the general climate of the inter-war period and, simultaneously, taking into consideration identity, the present scientific project analyzes the possible reaction to being Jewish (assuming/denying/dissimulating) of Jewish intellectuals in Romania between the two World Wars.

We gradually reach the text by taking in consideration the context in order to identify how the former can express the relationship between origin, experience and environment, studying selected fragments from the works of Benjamin Fundoianu, Ilarie Voronca, Paul Celan, Tristan Tzara etc.

There are still stories from concentration camps, still unpublished letters, hand-written memoires (an imperative of research is to establish the relationship between them and the collective memory) which lie in the archives of libraries, texts which write out essential interaction of the context with the text, omitted until now from the research plan.

The attitudes regarding identity written out in the text are assuming, rejecting (or even denying) and/or dissimulating one’s identity. Each of these acts of relating to one’s own origin reflects organic experiences which find their expression (the text) in a real environment (the context), a confusing environment in the years leading to the Second World War.

The restraint, the philosophical register kept apart from the political and social struggles, form the real register of life in  Jewish communities, is also an aspect that points to the issue of one relating to one’s identity. The a-temporal and apparently unrelated to the author cultural perspective expresses an inner frame of mind.

We aim to answer, at the end of the research, the challenge of establishing if the paradigm of the Jewish writer in exile (voluntary, self-imposed or imposed – by whom? Why?) still has open doors and if Judaism still represents a literary identity in crisis.

Research has thus an interdisciplinary character, and the measures follow the natural steps from theory to applied analyzes.

Key-words: text, context, identity, Judaism, crisis

Cuvinte-cheie: text, context, identitate, iudaism, criză

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