Contribuţii lingvistice în revista culturală Europa din Novi Sad

Contribuţii lingvistice în revista culturală Europa

din Novi Sad

Linguistic contributions in the cultural publication Europa from Novi Sad

Elena Camelia ZĂBAVĂ

Universitatea din Craiova

Facultatea de Litere



This paper is centered on a specific topic – linguistics – in the cultural publication Europa from Novi Sad .

The first article we analyze is regarding to a specific subject – onomatics – Onomastica bosniecilor din Macedonia (1875-1970)/ The Onomastics of the Bosniacs from Macedonia (no. 4), signed by Redžep Škrijelj. We consider it a valuable research about the migration of the heterogeneous Islamic population from Balkan region in the second part of the 20th century, and also about the important implications of this phenomenon in the Macedonian onomastics. As examples, Redžep Škrijelj cites a series of names composed with the lexeme bosniac, such as Bošnak malesi, Bošnako Vodejnica etc. Concerning the origin of the names Bošnako(v)ski, Bošnjako(v)ski, Bošnački and Bošnjački, the author considers them as being derivates from the etnonim, nickname or the name Bošnjak, preserved as a specific base.

Besides the article relating to onomastics, our paper analyzes also two others about the contrastive linguistics – Aspectul verbal şi tipul de situaţie verbală în limba română (The verbal aspects and the type of verbs in Romanian and English) and Aspectul verbal perfectiv şi imperfectiv în limba engleză şi limba română (The perfective and imperfective  verbal aspect in English and Romanian). Both these articles are signed by Mihaela Lazović and represent an innovative approach about the verbal aspect and the way of correlating the lexical category of the verb and the grammar category of the aspect. In our opinion, it is an out of the ordinary contrastive research about the contemporary English & Romanian since the author proposes a better and systematic understanding of the verbal category in the both languages.

Key words: onomastics, toponym, etnonim, aspect, type of  verb situation.

Cuvinte cheie: onomastică, toponim, etnonim, aspect, tip de situaţie verbal.

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