Postmodernism românesc în Voivodina: Pavel Gătăianţu

Postmodernism românesc în Voivodina: Pavel Gătăianţu

The Romanian Postmodernism in Voivodina: Pavel Gătăianţu


Mihaela Albu

Facultatea de Litere, Universitatea din Craiova



Pavel Gătăianţu, a Romanian poet who lives in Voivodina (Serbia) and writes poetry, prose and essays in Romanian language, was not assimilated only to the Romanian postmodernism but also to the specificity of the ’80s generation. Gătăianţu himself once declared his interest to this literary formula, auto-integrating in the larger family of the European poets as well. Due to the multicultural area where he was born and due to the inter-relationship with the Romanian culture, Gătăianţu’s poetry has originality, but he can be integrated to the Romanian postmodern generation of poets first of all due to his manner of describing an anti-idyllic universe. He opposes to the modern conventions, and also to the poetical metaphors, having a permanent predilection to the inter-textual game.

In this paper we analyze his poetry from the postmodern perspective, underlying some manifest features: the self-referentiality, intertextuality, irony and parody etc.

Key words: Pavel Gataiantu, postmodernism, Romanian literature from Voivodina, intertextuality, self-referentiality

Cuvinte cheie: Pavel Gătăianţu, postmodernism, literatura română din Voivodina, intertextualitate, auto-referenţialitate

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