Traducerea operei lui Tudor Arghezi în lume

Traducerea operei lui Tudor Arghezi în lume

The translation of Tudor Arghezi’s literature worldwide


Universitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie „Carol Davila”, Bucureşti

Catedra de Limbi moderne



After his death, on the 14th of July 1967, Tudor Arghezi’s literature attracts the interest of the entire world. He  dominated Romanian literature throughout the 20th century, and became one of the important European poets. The originality of his poetic language is known worldwide, in many languages. His work was translated in the most important languages (Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish), and also in Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Arabic, Swedish, and Greek. The sense of universality is deeply rooted in the Arghezian creation. The best examples are the volumes of poetry „Cuvinte potrivite” (1927), „Flori de mucigai”(1931),  and „Cântare omului”(1956).

Key words: Tudor Arghezi, translation, literature, „Last Will”

Cuvinte cheie: Tudor Arghezi, traducere, literatură, „Testament”

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