Durerea şi suferinţa reflectate în artă

Durerea şi suferinţa reflectate în artă

Pain and Suffering as Reflected in Art


Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” din Arad


In this paper the author discusses the issue of the pain and suffering reflected in the art.   Begins with the pain phisiology, the neural path of the sensibility of the skin and muscles, to thalamus and, finally, to the parietal cerebral cortex. The literature of the pain reflected in art is very poor, especially in Egyption, classical Greck, also in Roman and Byzantine art. In the period of Renaissance art, it begins with the most tragic expression of suffering: Massucio,s fresco, then Michelangelo, Groninger, Picasso etc.

Key words: neurophisiology of the pain, sculpture of Laocoon, the banishment from the Garden of Eden, the sufferings of Christ, and the dramatic existence of  modern human life.

Cuvinte cheie: neurofiziologia durerii; durerea în artă Laocoom, izgonirea din Rai, suferinţele lui Christos, existenţa dramatică a omului modern.

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