Spre Integrala Argheziană

Spre Integrala Argheziană


towards the complete works of tudor arghezi


Dan Lăzărescu

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad



 The collection of manuscripts comprised in the volume The Years of Silence, issued in Arad by “Vasile Goldiş” University Press, in 2010, of an incredible thematic variety, o a flawless intellectual unity, attests to the spirit of research that found its way against all the odds. The manuscripts are part of the literary patrimony/thesaurus pertaining to the Center for Research of the Literature of Tudor Arghezi, as part of the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University, preserved, in time, by Doina and Baruţu Arghezi, coordinators of this first volume. The issuing of this work is a step in the continuous activity of promoting novelty in scientific research, in all domains of intellectual activity, of the Rector of this University, Professor Aurel Ardelean, who also wrote the Foreword to the book.


Key words: Tudor Arghezi, unpublished manuscripts, “Vasile Goldiş” Western University din Arad

Cuvinte cheie: Tudor Arghezi, manuscrise inedite, Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad

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