Consideraţii privind cultura şi subcultura la tinerii de azi

Consideraţii privind cultura şi subcultura la tinerii de azi

Considerations regarding the Culture and Subculture of Today’s Youth


Teodor Pătrăuţă

Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş” din Arad

Tinerii de azi sunt adulţii de mâine

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s adults


Today’s world is known, is in continuous change and transformation, changing its young stage, those young people who adapt quickly to the avalanche of social paradigms and not only those young people who feverishly seek solutions to many questions, perplexities and wonder at the same time.

No wonder that young people today in these conditions continues to surprise us with their lives too fast dynamics. The universe is a constant challenge for young people than adults, whether we mean to society, parents or professionals.

Problem in youth culture and subculture is a sensitive issue, but especially important with the issues involved subculture, if we admit that the whole educational policy, are plotted coordinated national key cultural transmission and training of young smooth.


Keywords: culture, subculture, cultural value, counterculture, culture shock.

Cuvinte cheie: cultură, subcultură, valoare culturală, contracultură, şoc cultural.

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